How to Find Boxes for Your Jewelry Wholesale

If you make your own jewelry or buy wholesale jewerly packing that is not in a box, you will need a source
for jewelry boxes! Your customers will want their jewelry to arrive in nice display boxes that can be
wrapped or presented to the person they bought the jewelry for.

Boxes for jewelry can be found at wholesale prices all over the internet. Simply do a search in any
search engine for ‘boxes for jewerly packing’ and you will be surprised at the results. You can even have your
business name or logo printed on the boxes as well, for an additional cost.

When you shop for boxes to package your jewelry wholesale in, make sure that you buy in bulk for the
best prices. Also make sure that you can return the boxes for an exchange in the event that the boxes
are the wrong size, or for a refund if the boxes arrive damaged.

Don’t make the mistake of not shipping your jewerly packing wholesale to your customers in jewel boxes. This will make you appear to be unprofessional, or like a small time operation.

jewerly packing should be in sequence as below given-

  1. Use a jewelry roll for valuable pieces.
  2. Organize small items with a pill case.
  3. Thread necklaces through a straw or cardboard roll.
  4. Keep items secure and separate with re-sealable kitchen wrap.
  5. Hook earrings through buttons or foam.
  6. Wrap pieces individually in packing paper or zip-top bags.

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